Unearth The Book Within

Unearth The Book Within!

How to Incorporate Spiritual and Practical tips to write your first Book NOW... $495

What to Expect:
During this 5 One Hour Session Series we will dig into get into the process of writing your first book! We will explore both the Spiritual and Practical steps to Unearth The Book From Within You. Each of us has a story to tell, sometimes the hardest part is getting started!

As a published author of three books, I will share all that I have learned along the way by sharing printing tips, formatting, visioning, and how to save on printing costs! The savings on printing costs alone  is worth the cost of this session! My first book cost nearly $10.00 each to print. I now have it down to under $3.00 a book with a One Book Minimum! I cannot wait to share this with you!

During this session I will share:
How to easily select and create a book cover.
How to print your books with ease.
How to save on printing costs.
How to start marketing and promoting your books.
Spiritual tools to help this process unfold with ease.
I will even share a few book formats to help to get you moving in the direction of your goal!
You will save countless hours of research and hundreds of dollars off of your printing costs!!
By the end of this session you will be ready to start writing today!! 

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- Kellie White McGarry -
Charles and I had the opportunity to attend a special session with Elizabeth Hartigan, The Gratitude Girl. The focus was on writing and marketing books... we really learned a lot! Thanks so much, Elizabeth!! We are so grateful for you. Now, I am REALLY on fire!!!