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Angel Card Readings $25

This is a Three Card Draw using your choice of deck. You can select 3 cards from one deck, or one card from 3 unique decks. At the conclusion of your Reading, you will receive an email image of the cards drawn for you!

Angel Card Readings




I often get asked; What is an Angel Reading?
An Intuitive Angel reading is where I begin by playing a sound bowl to clear the energy between the two of us. I then Invite my Angels to communicate with your Angels, bringing forth a message they want to share with you! You can ask a specific question, or be open to the Universe as your Angels already know your deepest desires. Often your Angels will address more than the question that is at hand!

Once booked, I will be in touch with you to confirm a time for our call. I am located in Phoenix, AZ, but, Readings can be done anywhere in the world.

I also offer a Specific Reading to help you to Discover who your Angel is!

One of my Greatest Joys comes in helping my clients discover who their Angel is! First I recommend you simply asking the Universe, and listening for the answer! So often we are so busy "thinking" that we do not hear that small still voice telling us the answer! I had to be told who my Angel was, three times before I said ok, I believe you! Thank God Uriel was persistent!

So I am now offering Angel Readings Specifically geared to helping you discover what Angel is working with you! My life has changed dramatically since I discovered my Angel!

Each reading consists of a pull from the Archangel Deck as well as using the Angel Bible to help you to connect with your Angel!

If you would like to schedule a session to learn who one of your Angels is please contact me for more information!

Angel Reading

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- Quraisha -
My gratitude goes to you as you have cleared a few things for me. Your insight is very helpful and I feel a little more confident about my gift I can now ask the universe to help me bring it to fruition. You are a beautiful soul and so much more for you down your path. I encourage anyone who is truly interested about having clarity and guidance to call on Elizabeth, you will be enlighten I can affirm this here. Love. Xoxo.

- Christine -
Thank you Elizabeth Hartigan, The Gratitude Girl for an amazing angel Reading! Amazing how the Law of attraction keeps coming up.... and Bless and release!

- Gina Zamora -
I had a reading with The Gratitude Girl, and loved it. As a matter of fact, Elizabeth took pictures of my three cards, and I have them in my journal with the reading for each card, as I remember it. I AM able to go back and read and re-read the words, and look at the cards often. Thanks Elizabeth!!

- Tara -
Your Angel readings always give me the validation that I am on track, I am amazed at how perfect they are. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.