Morning Women's Empowerment Circle & Mastermind Group

I am super excited to announce that I am creating a MasterMind Group called, Prosperity Partners to launch Thursday February 6, 2014.

We will meet every 3rd Thursday Morning of each month 11 AM to 12 PM

One common thread or block with all of my clients is to Create abundance this is often a block for many spiritual workers! When we do not feel valuable it is hard to Abundance in any form into our lives. This is what I know for sure... When we value ourselves, others value us!
In my own Journey, I went from Bankruptcy to purchasing a Lexus in cash!
No matter where you are at in life, you can start today to see and dream bigger!

Requirements for Joining us:
If you are looking to create more Abundance in 2014

If you are a Women Business Owner

If you are open to playing bigger, I invite you to join me!

This Group limited to just 9 women where we will come together 2 times a month for 6 months to focus on Abundance and Prosperity in all forms and in all areas of our lives!

What you will Receive:

- Twelve 1 hour Group Coaching Sessions, as a group we will meet twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Thurs. of the month at 11am in the Biltmore Area - You will be Divinely assigned an individual Accountability Partner to meet with or chat with weekly or even daily, you decide with your partner.
- Audio Meditation on Abundance and Self Worth
- Abundance Log Journal
- Weekly Inspiration sent via email
- Journaling Prompts to remove the blocks and obstacles holding you back
- Create a Vision Board, focus on Visioning and Visualizing
- One individual Coaching Session with me to get clear on why you're here and set your Abundance goals! ($100 value)
- Create personal Affirmation and Mantra
- Learn about the Archangel’s and their ability to support you and your life
- Select an Abundance Stone
- The ability to KNOW that you consciously create you life, this is PRICELESS
- More surprises and Abundance to unfold as the group unfolds.

The cost is $99 a month and is a 6 Month Commitment.
If you choose to pay in full the cost is $500 if paid before Jan. 19th. A savings of $94.00

This Group is Limited to a maximum of 9 people.

I value and honor you, your time, and your money. That is why I have created this group!
I know that you have big dreams and Intentions. I also know that our beliefs around money can block us from taking action, and stand in the way from reaching our goals.
The standard rate to work with me for 6 months would normally cost $2,999 that is why I have created this group. I have seen client after client struggle with finances,
I hear it in my groups and classes, and see it especially in the area of Spiritual workers. I am here to tell you that we each have the ability to rise above our beliefs, and to make a difference in our

My intention for this is to create a way to work with more people and help to remove those barriers and self imposed obstacles that we each have each created.
I am excited to bring Women together to focus solely and Completely on Abundance!
So often we have no idea where we really are, other than in debt or living paycheck to paycheck.
During this 6 month program you will dig deeper into any fears, doubts, blocks, and barriers around money standing in the way of achieving your goals and desires.
We will get real and see exactly where you are get clarity on where you want to be!
You will develop an Action plan and Savings Plan and start taking steps in the very first class to see the Abundance that surrounds you!
We will learn how to develop an Abundance Mind Set while living from your Purpose!

The good news is any limitation only exists in your mind, you have the ability to live the life you have imagined.
Join me and start Consciously Creating Your Life!

I will be offering 2 scholarships to join us at 50% off to apply for a scholarship please click here.

$99 Each Month or
$500 For 6 Months a $94 Savings
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