Elizabeth Hartigan "The Gratitude Girl", Author, International Speaker, Gratitude & Empowerment Coach. Let's Celebrate the Beauty and Magnificence that Surrounds Us!

Orgena Rose Show Season 1 Episode 7 Guest Elizabeth Hartigan The Gratitude Girl

On the Orgena Rose show, Elizabeth Hartigan “The Gratitude Girl”, Author, International Speaker, Gratitude & Empowerment Coach, explains that when you come from feeling true gratitude and hold the space while setting an intention for creating what you desire…..you open yourself up to possibilities and allow miracles to take place in your life. Learn How to Express True Gratitude! Watch Elizabeth Shine her Light!

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 Friday 1st August, 2014

Many of you have heard of me speak of Dr. Emoto, who is a Japanese Scientist and of his research on the power vibration and energy stored in water. Here is a side by side image of water images captured … Continue reading

Walk through the storms of life

 Thursday 31st July, 2014

Sedona is a sacred spaced for my soul! I have always been drawn to it’s beauty, to it’s stunning Red Rocks, cooler temperatures, and vibration. It is a place I like to retreat to quiet my mind and get away … Continue reading

Healing Happens!

Healing Happens! Sometimes when we least expect it!

 Sunday 6th July, 2014

  Sometimes it may feel as though we have completely worked through a block or challenge only to have it rise out of the darkness leaving us shocked, and sometimes scared, and alone.  This past week I began a 30 … Continue reading

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Unearth the Healer Within Retreat, at The Poco Diablo Resort, Sedona, Arizona. July 25 to 27, 2014.

Ask Elizabeth (Super Moon)

I am excited to share a music video called, GRATEFUL: A Love Song to the World, by Nimo Patel, featuring my friend Daniel Nahmod. It is a beautiful song/video, and I am grateful for it all! :-)
Enjoy my friends! With Love & Gratitude, Elizabeth

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